Thomas Xavier

A little bit about me

I dislike scribbling about myself but I am told that it's a good idea to have some text on a nameplate website so that people don't confuse me with the other Thomas Xavier's of the world (because that would be the end of the world or something to that effect). So here we are.

I am married to my reformed Canadian, Elise. I occasionally torture my cat through excessive (affectionate) squishies & I put Worcestershire sauce on everything. I also find throwing arbitrary facts about myself in a 4 paragraph glib to be both pretentious & insulting. I am so sorry (willing) reader, but the internet made me.

My "profession" is scribbling online. Sometimes people read it and this makes me bank, because magic. It's better than any other job I have held. I pretty much work whenever I want, wherever I want. It's totally okay to be jealous of me, I would be jealous of me too. Either way, keep reading for my projects (or don't; dealer's choice).

Projects & stuff

For examples of my various projects, ventures, and occasional successes (thank you, weird people who love knives as much as me!) keep scrolling. I have focused primarily on blogging as it caters to the procrastinator in me whilst still forcing me to crank out content. I do invest (time, money, & sanity) in other ventures, but they are either still in beta and thus not ready to be attached to my name, or this nameplate website has not been updated in years and instead of being a blogger I am now in fact a gun runner on a small Caribbean Island.

Elise and Thomas

Elise and Thomas is a personal blog that Elise and I jointly (which the name makes clear) publish on. Realistically I am a giant slacker and the blog exists primarily as a photodump for our cat, Avery. I am working on rectifying this.

Xavier Survival Sites

All survival, gear, and bushcrafty sites that Elise and I work on have been bundled as a single entity under the moniker Xavier Survival. The family of sites consists of the following:

  1. More Than Just Surviving: A survival and preparedness site that tends to focus heavily on gear, particularly knives.
  2. Survival Threads: Our community forum that was founded on the back of More Than Just Surviving.
  3. Survival Pulse: A daily survival & prepper email newsletter whereby we send out curated survival links from around the web. We took over Survival Pulse in early 2015.

Touch base

If you're interested in networking with me on social media, you can find me here:

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