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More Than Just Surviving is a marketing subsidiary of Spyderco with the general goal of converting everyone to the refined elegance of the Spyderhole by spamming our readers with ridiculously long-winded reviews on a nearly weekly basis.

No, but seriously, we do really review a lot of Spydies!

At its heart, Elise and I started More Than Just Surviving as a general survival blog with a focus on gear, as my background is primarily as a knife fiend. I have always loved sharp tools for their over-complicated simplicity and I spent most of 2013 and 2014 reviewing my collection, sharing my thoughts and opinions on the gear I had. We do write a lot about survival too (admittedly, the prepping stuff is mostly Elise's forte), but for a survival blog, it features a very strong bias towards gear, and to a lesser extent, self-sufficiency topics, as well as first aid and personal finance.

To clarify; I am not a shill as Spyderco does not pay me. :(

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